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Life Turning Point of Philadelphia was established in 2019 as a means to serve homeless women and children in Philadelphia. The program of Life Turning Point of Philadelphia is unique as it will provide a comprehensive, Bible-based, life-skills, training program for homeless women and children in the City of Philadelphia. Life Turning Point of Philadelphia provides shelter for homeless women and children for up to 18 months with a Biblical life-skills training program, while securing employment and permanent housing. This unique program will fortify our families for more robust self-sufficiency.


Statistics indicate that Philadelphia is among the “poorest”of the largest U.S. cities, with 23.3 percent of residents living in poverty. The families we serve are single parent, homeless women with children that come from a myriad of circumstances that have caused them to live below the poverty line. Some issues we face with these families are breaking the negative cycles in their lives, helping them to accept responsibility, and overcoming fear while finding the courage to face life with a new mindset. In addition to overcoming mental and emotional barriers, next, is the challenge of attaining affordable housing.

Our Mission

To teach single mothers how to restructure their lives according to Biblical truth and become self-sufficient, productive, members of society.

Our Mission

In 1997 I sensed the Lord calling me off of my corporate job of 9 1/2 years to serve in full-time ministry to homeless women and children in Philadelphia. The following year, I quit my lucrative job, walked away from my pension, got rid of my apartment, sold all of my things, and moved into Wayne Hall as a missionary to homeless women and children. I eventually became the Director and served for 21 years until 2019 when the parent organization decided to discontinue the ministry to homeless women and children and the home was closed.  Upon closure, all of the families were displaced.  This was a devastating turn of events.


However some supporters of the ministry didn't want to see the ministry end, and neither did I or the staff.  They rallied together to try to acquire the property back so the ministry could continue. Ultimately, Dee Adcock purchased the property for the ministry and other friends of the ministry came together with seed money for renovations.  Now, the place where I started as a volunteer missionary is home to my own ministry, Life turning Point of Philadelphia.  


My joy is hearing the moms speak of LTP as home.  Hearing them tell their kids, "We're home!" When they walk in the door.  Or when they call the office & say "I'm on my way HOME." And, Seeing the moms have a desire to learn more about the Bible.

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Image by Eye for Ebony

Our Strategy

Each objective of our program, with the exception of Willingness to do the work and Self-sufficiency, will be met through the following components of our ministry:

  • Intake and interview process

  • Staff modeling Jesus Christ

  • Life Skill Bible Classes

  • Case Management

  • Counseling

  • Mentoring

  • Personal Assignments


The strategy for Willingness to do the work and for Self-sufficiency are as follows:


Willingness to do the work:

  • Household responsibilities

  • Job search

  • Advanced education/training

  • Personal Assignments



  • Maintain employment

  • Savings program

  • Obtain housing

Our Mission

Core Values

Bible based – The teaching of Scripture is the final authority and standard for all we do. (Jos. 1:8)

Christ-centered – We seek to honor the Person and character of Christ in all we do. (Phil. 2:5)

Integrity – We seek to be trustworthy, by doing the right thing when nobody is looking. (Col.3:22)

Commitment – We are committed to love GOD and treat others the way we want to be treated. (Matt.22:37-39)

Humility – We seek to walk in humility before GOD and with our fellow man. (James 4:6)

Excellence – In all we do, we seek to give GOD our best. (Col.3:23)

Unity – We are unified around one common goal: the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom. (Phil.1:27)

Responsibility – We must be wise, honest, and accountable with the resources entrusted to us. (Luke 16:11)

Distinctive – We will be who GOD called us to be and not conform to the standards of the world. (Rom.12:2)

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Our Mission

Our Board

RITA WHITAKER – Founder, Executive Director

DEE ADCOCK  - President (Retired Businessman) 

YVETTE YOUNG Acting Vice President (Account Manager, US Facilities)

THOMASINA JONES – Secretary to the Board (Retired Superintendent of Schools, Ministry Shepherd)

LAWANDA MORRIS – TREASURER. (Senior VP an Chief Risk Officer, PHEAA)

VINCENT CALLOWAY – BOARD MEMBER, CHAPLAIN (Founder, V. Calloway Counseling Associates)

BRUCE CLYDESDALE – BOARD MEMBER (Assoc. Pastor Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Church)

CYNTHIA ECHEWA – BOARD MEMBER (Retired RN, Life Connecting Ministries) 

SHANDAI JENKINS – BOARD MEMBER (President and Founder, The REFUGE Hub) 

TOM STEVENS – BOARD MEMBER  (President Pro-Life Union of Greater Phila) 

VERNICA WILLIAMS – BOARD MEMBER. (Program Alumni, Social Worker)

ELOISE YOUNG – BOARD MEMBER  (Retired SVP Strategic and Information Services, PGW)

Tamara Hinds

We Need Your Support!

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