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Loved by Authority

At a young age, Imani’s life drastically changed. When she was ten years old, her grandmother passed away, causing her to live with another family member. Unfortunately, the arrangement resulted in what Imani described as likened to Cinderella; therefore, she left the home of said family member at the age of seventeen.

Years later, as a mother of two children, Imani found herself in an abusive relationship that led her to LTP. It seems that Imani’s turning point is teaching her patience, resisting emotional decision-making and viewing authority differently; not only from a position of power, but of love. Imani stated, “The first challenge I faced being here is accepting authority. When I hear the word ‘authority’, what comes to mind is, ‘It’s my way or the highway.’ But, the staff here is patient, understanding and genuine.”

Imani is also learning the importance of living a life of prudence, “Before Life Turning Point, I was hard-headed and too independent. I made decisions based on emotions; this is something else I am working on.”

As a resident of the program for about ninety days, Imani participates in supportive services provided at LTP through counseling and mentorship. She also begun a crucial step towards the LTP savings program. The savings program, as well as the weekly in-house finance classes offered, will prepare Imani with the tools for economic self -sufficiency, bugeting, and much more.

“I was supposed to come here. I made several out-of-state calls to find a place to live for myself and my children. [Case manager] Sister Kelly contacted me for an interview…it was meant to be.”

*Actual identification has been held for privacy.

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