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The most important thing to me is maintaining suitable housing and having a job to financially provide for my family.Previously coming to Life Turning Point I lived in an apartment where there were consistent mold issues. The landlord was not cooperative with the necessary upkeep of the unit which caused the courts to get involved resulting in my children and I becoming homeless.

I immediately applied for emergency shelter. Having to stand in line waiting for a bed only to be turned away and walking the streets with my children was devastating. I feel like I let my kids down having to start all over again. My daughter asked me one day, "Mommy are we going to be okay?" Even though I was not sure if we would be okay I always answered her, "Yes". Her asking me that breaks my heart.

Life Turning Point helped me feel better about my life. I felt really low before. I was trying everything to get my life back on track, but I couldn't catch a break. I am happy to be here. When Sis Rita told me I was accepted I cried. It is not a walk in the park, but with Sis. Rita's and the staff's encouragement I can see a better life for me and my children.

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