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Change is Possible

Selina was ready for a change.

The very thing Selina fought so hard to avoid became her reality. Selina and her two children faced eviction. For an extensive period of time her family began couch surfing until a friend gave her a temporary place to stay. Even though she had supportive friends Selina knew her and her children deserved better. While feeling hopeless scrolling on social media, she saw a post that changed her life. Life Turning Point of Philadelphia was accepting intakes. In that moment Selina took a chance on herself and made the call.

During her interview while talking to the Executive Director, she cried sharing her struggles and the loss of her mother; stating, “I have worked in Family-Based services sending clients to this very program. I never thought I would have to face a situation like this.”

As several days past after the interview and concerns about life's uncertainty, she received confirmation that she was accepted into the program. When Selina and her family arrived with very few belongings her children stated, “This place is like a hotel!”. When Selina heard that, she knew LTP was special. Selina’s room is a double bedroom providing her and her children to have their own space, as well as a key to the bedroom door. In a short period of time of becoming a resident Selina told the staff, “We feel safe here.”

Selina was unemployed when she arrived at the home, however during her six months stay she began a new job position as Truancy Case Manager as well as enrolling in college to become a social worker.

When Selina was asked how it feels to work towards becoming a social worker while experiencing homelessness Selina stated, “Being on both sides of the housing system as a case manager and a client is a humbling experience. I know what the city shelter is like but being here I see the great difference LTP makes. I appreciate the structure and discipline here. In order to change your life, accountability is necessary.” She also added, “It’s fortunate to have resources like LTP in the community where it’s needed. Once I receive my social worker degree, this program will continue being a resource I refer to clients.

We are pleased to announce that Selina has found a home for her family and will be moving as soon as next month.

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