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Transparent Reflection

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Jamaica a former resident and now volunteer/resident recently reflects on her experience in the program and the many ways it has positively impacted her and her children's lives since 2014. Initially when I was a resident and going through the program I learned patience, I gained structure and built a stronger relationship with God. The support, guidance, advice and classes offered are some of the most imperative things that helped me. This time I have returned for assistance for a little while and the peace, love, support, guidance that comes with being here is a blessing in itself.

In the past 60 days I've learned that my patience has grown thin, I needed to spend more time with me and GOD. I need to slow down and take care of myself. Overall the Christian structure of the program is very important and is what has helped in the past and currently helping, the staff are all kind, loving understanding and firm. The most enjoyable thing about being here is the staff genuinely cares and loves me for who I am without judgement.

One of the greatest benefit is the time you have to not only edify, uplift and better yourself but to gain knowledge of and establish a relationship with God. That's the foundation and key to life (I think so anyway). I view this season of my life as the pruning season. There are some things that have to be pointed out and done away with, the season for them is over. So the hope I have, if I can be completely transparent, is for me to be a stronger woman of God, Which in turn will positively affect everything and everyone in my life. I must be obedient. I am also hopeful for better relationships with my children, father and husband.

The biggest change I saw in myself was confidence. I had gained confidence in every aspect of my life. When entering the program I was very hopeless. Being homeless with my daughter was the lowest I've ever felt up until that point so to graduate from the program and have certain things because I had faith and endurance is awesome to me. I am so grateful to the donors and supporters of Life Turning Point who have made this program possible for me and other women. It's mission alone is in and of itself a tremendous reason to give. This program has been designed to assist women and children with shelter, while assisting with structure and life skills. The best part is it draws people closer to God.

Being back as a volunteer/resident is humbling. I never saw myself doing anything else after graduation except coming back to speak with the residents. I definitely didn't think I would be living here again. I am still emotional about the fact that I have gained a forever family that will welcome me with open arms whenever need be. I am so grateful and thankful for it.

Today, I am a better person, woman, mother, friend, daughter, Realtor and WOMAN OF GOD because of Life Turning Point Philadelphia!

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