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A Renewed Mind

On Sunday, August 14, 2023, we hosted Khaderah’s graduation from the LTP program. Khaderah became an Elementary School Teacher while at LTP and obtained a 2-bedroom apartment for her and her son. Khaderah returns to share her thoughts about the importance of routine and structure after the program and in life.

“It's been a good couple of weeks. I am still getting adjusted to trying to create a routine and structure similar to LTP. I'm more mindful regarding not making the same mistakes I've made before I lived at the house. I have to make sure that I'm doing whatever I have to do every day and remember that everything's not going to be perfect, so I want to be realistic. I know I will run into trials and tribulations. I can't give up like I almost did before. Utilizing my time wisely was a struggle for me prior to coming to LTP, so I went and got myself a planner so I could map out my day. Presently, it's not a serious struggle, but for the last couple weeks before I moved out, I struggled with just having stuff to do at the house even though I continued to participate in the classes. It was what I did until it was time to go to bed. I have to make sure that I'm making the best of every moment that I'm blessed with. I want to use my time wisely by having my week planned with things I need to accomplish, and I still want to have fun in between as well.”

“I think my son is doing pretty well. I am trying to keep his schedule very similar to what it was. When we come in from daycare and work, I'm still making sure I feed him dinner. I let him watch TV for a little bit or play, then we go to bed. I think he's adjusting well. The program was hard, but that was never something I was always saying because I'm like, ‘It's a program. You have to follow rules and I could be anywhere else.’ But God blessed me to be there. I was always thankful, trying to think positive despite anything - chores, and all of that stuff. I could be anywhere else. Sis. Rita accepted me into this program, so I'm going to take it for what it is.”

“Simple stuff like: I have a pile of clothes on my bed that I have to fold, I have to keep my room clean. Those are good characteristics to have and for me to instill into my child; that's very important to me. “I want to give back to Life Turning Point. I would like to help future residents with the job application process and resume building; I'm here for it! I would prefer to do one-on-one, because I think it comes across to a person better when you're talking directly to them, rather than talking to a group of people.”

“Completing the program is about mindset. I have heard people say, “I don't need a job," or, “I don't have time for all of that.” And it's like, no, you actually do need to make time, because you have bills to pay, you have a baby, a child to take care of. Again, I think everything goes back to the mindset. Whatever you think is what you're going to produce. People have to start thinking differently about this thing called life, because nothing is going to change if you don't put forth the effort to make it happen.”

Khaderah had this to say about her favorite bible verse: ”Since I was at LTP, my favorite scripture was Romans 12:1-2, which talks about renewing your mind. I think that is the key.”

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