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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Before I came here, I was in a three-year relationship. It was okay at first but eventually, I knew I had to get myself out of it one way or another. I have three children to care for. I did not want them to see the pain I was going through. Deep down I wanted the relationship to complete a family, and to have a father figure for my children but I was hurting every night. During the relationship, I disconnected from my family for over a year and I began dealing with a lot of mess like drugs and alcohol. I am happy to say it’s been a year since indulging in those things. Now I am trying to let go of cigarettes. It’s a challenge because of my anger and anxiety. But I can do it.

Life Turning Point changed my whole life around. I'm more socialized. I don’t feel judged and I am treated like a human being. Being here really inspires me to keep motivated and never stop my goals for a man or for nobody. I am doing this for me and my kids. I didn't want to come at first because of the rules and regulations. I had my own house. I did everything on my own and I did not want to be told what to do. But I sat myself down and took God at His word. God wants me to learn right from wrong and to see the light, and that is what He gave me. Life Turning Point is my light. God was like, “Amanda are you going through those doors, or are you going to shut it?” I now know that God will open the door He wants you to walk through.

I have been here almost three months. My bedroom is awesome. I really can’t complain. I have a room key and I have privacy for myself and my kids. The staff check the room to make sure it’s clean and tidy. Life Turning Point helps me to become wise. They said they will help you and they do. I told them I wanted to go to therapy. After I finished my 30 days of probation my case manager Sister Kelly along with Sister Rita helped me get a therapist. Anything I need related to program guidelines they are there for me. I also have a support team through the EARN Center and CareerLink. I’ve accomplished my goals since I been here. I feel like I'm floating. I am not stressed because I could see myself graduating from Life Turning Point, and I want to inspire another single mom. I am not living like a princess this is not my home, but this is how I am going to become a woman. A real independent woman not an irresponsible one.

Before I complete the program, I will accomplish several things. I will have a new place, I want to feel blessed by all the hard work I did, complete the EARN program, and have my license. I want my kids to know whatever life hits them with never give up. If I did it, you can too. I want to show them that no matter what, mommy is still going to be here. I want them to not only follow my words but God’s Word.

Whenever I return to visit after I graduate and a mom sitting in the chapel waiting to start her interview, I would tell her this. “Don’t stress about it, it will be ok. Push yourself. I lived here, and I graduated. Don’t worry about that man not calling you. Don’t worry about the distractions on your phone. Focus on your future. Yeah, that handbook will stress you out a little bit, but those people in that office are going to help you.”

The whole point of Life Turning Point is to change your life around for the better. This is not a shelter. This is home. This is family right now and forever.

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