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Veronica's Turning Point

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

My life prior to coming to Life Turning Point was way different from where it is now. I lived with depression for almost two years but was able to overcome it. However, along with the depression and severe anxiety, postpartum depression was getting the best of me. I think my environment played a good part in me being so depressed and not really knowing what to do. Now I'm definitely better. Moving from my home was very difficult. I received an eviction notice stating I had to be out of the property in 11 days. This was quite startling for me. I'm not saying I wasn't expecting it, but I wasn't expecting it to come so quickly. I had been living on my own for six years so I was definitely nervous about coming into the program. I was also very nervous for my son. I didn’t know how the both of us were going to be in this new environment. But in two weeks we adjusted. In a moment I realized, “Oh! I love it here!”

An important part of living here is participating in the classes they offer. I work during the day, therefore I miss the morning classes. However, the evening classes and the Bible study are very effective for me. I'm learning a lot. Sometimes the classes can be a little overwhelming because of the tight schedule. I come in from work at 5:00 pm, have dinner at 6:00 pm, then the house is getting ready for class at 7:00 pm I know this is what I have to do, so it's okay. The classes are interesting. Sometimes I look forward to wondering what we are going to learn next.

I have two priorities I am focusing on during my stay. The first one is to continue getting closer with the Lord. My understanding and relationship about God definitely have grown. I just recently started reading the Bible, but I make sure I talk to God several times a day. I've been going to church more and I appreciate that. Presently, I am reading the book of John for the second time because I want to make sure I am understanding what I am reading. I know God is by my side because I wouldn't be here.

The second priority is saving enough money so I can be financially stable. I never want to put myself in this situation again. I also want to apply to go back to college before the New Year.

In the future if I come to visit Life Turning Point and I see a mom waiting to be interviewed I would tell her, “You're here for a reason. You may not understand the reason why, but God put you in a good position. This is a great home and it is what you make it, honestly. It can work for some people and for some people it won’t work. But if you have a positive mindset and you want something different for yourself and for your children, it's going to work out great for you.”

*Actual identification has been held for privacy.

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