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Two years ago, I was living as a people pleaser and enabler. I was also co- dependent with the people in my life. I took care of my brother, my parents who were really struggling at the time, and people in other relationships I had which led me to experience physical, emotional, and financial abuse. I felt it was necessary for me to provide for their needs before my own.

More recently, I lived in West Philadelphia with a different boyfriend and my children. I was struggling to make ends meet and I was always behind with my rent. Working for services such as Instacart and Uber Eats was not financially sustaining my household and the relationship had me emotionally unstable every day. My day to day became watching tv, battling moments of depression and smoking marijuana. In time I realized, I was repeating the same emotional pain and enabling behaviors as before. There was no change happening in my life and I wanted out.

Ironically, I lived down the street from this building before it was closed as Wayne Hall. I developed a friendship with Emily Mitchell who volunteered as a teacher here, under the new ministry of Life Turning Point. I had no idea meeting Emily would turn into a major help when I truly needed it. Life Turning Point represents God’s protection for me. God has placed me in a full circle so I can learn from my mistakes, see repeated danger signs, and so He can break the cycles of abuse and codependency that I allowed.

At Life Turning Point I have an opportunity to start over and be better prepared. I have been assigned a personal counselor, parenting mentor, and a mentor for my son.

In the future I want to have two businesses. I want to open a home cleaning business serving people with special needs. I also want to provide a space where professional singers like myself can develop their craft.

I am on the path to heal from past relationships and getting back on my feet so I can create a home for my children that is warm, safe, and filled with God’s love.

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